Full Mouth Reconstructions

Your new teeth in one day

If you seek to restore the functionality of your mouth due to missing jaw teeth, complete oral reconstruction is the ideal solution you’ve been searching for. At Palace Dental Care, our esteemed specialists excel in full-mouth rehabilitation using minimally invasive surgical techniques, ensuring unparalleled precision and long-lasting results. We are proud to offer the latest advancements in dental implant solutions, including fixed prostheses placed on the same day as surgery.

To embark on this transformative journey, we provide various types of full jaw dental implant treatments. Simply share your case with us, and our experienced implant specialist will evaluate your unique situation and guide you toward the most suitable treatment plan. Experience a dental treatment like no other as you meet our expert team, completely free of any commitment, and witness the restoration of your confidence.



Next Day Technique

Achieve your new smile in 24 hours

At Palace Dental Care, we prioritise our patients’ smiles and incorporate the revolutionary concept of immediate loading. Unlike conventional treatments that take 3-6 months, our approach allows for implant and teeth placement in just a single day.

Within less than 24 hours, our skilled team performs tooth extractions, surgical implant placement, and the placement of prostheses that boast exceptional aesthetics and functionality. This comprehensive process ensures the physical and psychological well-being of our patients, enabling them to swiftly resume their daily lives with confidence.

To ensure a comfortable experience, the entire procedure is conducted under the calming effects of intravenous sedation, alleviating anxiety, tension, and fear.

Nearly all patients can benefit from this remarkable therapy, although a preliminary assessment by Dr. Fernández Mercadé is necessary to determine eligibility.

Immediate loading stands as a secure, dependable, and predictable treatment option that drastically reduces treatment duration while prioritising patient comfort.

Your advantages:

Reclaim the functionality of your mouth and rediscover the joy of a complete smile by choosing Palace Dental Care.

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