Crowns and Bridges

Enhance your smile with top quality crowns

Crowns or dental caps are primarily used to protect damaged or worn teeth or after root canal treatment. The well-being of our patients is our top priority. That’s why we exclusively utilise 100% biocompatible zirconium, a premium material known for its exceptional safety and durability. Our minimally invasive and painless surgical techniques further ensure a comfortable experience. Additionally, our preliminary digital smile design allows patients to preview their desired outcome before the treatment begins. 

High quality restoration with bridges

The bridge is a solution for replacing multiple missing teeth. It is an implant-based treatment that seamlessly restores dental function and aesthetics. The number of implants required for the bridge treatment depends on the specific area being rehabilitated and the size of the implants. Typically, in the posterior region (molars), more implants are utilised to accommodate the increased chewing force needed compared to the anterior areas (incisors and canines).

Furthermore, the ultimate decision regarding the preferred option relies on each patient’s individual circumstances, taking into consideration factors such as available length and bone volume. Our expert team conducts a thorough evaluation to ensure a personalised treatment plan that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

Your new teeth in just two appointments

Online Planning Meeting
Start your journey by scheduling an online meeting with our experienced team. During this consultation, we will discuss your dental concerns and explore various treatment options.

Consultation and Planning
During your initial consultation, our expert team will evaluate your specific needs and desires for replacing multiple missing teeth using bridges. We will consider factors such as the area being rehabilitated, available length, and bone volume to develop a personalised treatment plan.

First Appointment: Implant Placement
Our skilled professionals will precisely place the implants to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. Once the implants have properly integrated with the jawbone, we will proceed with the bridge restoration as a mid-term provisional. This temporary tooth replacement serves as an excellent interim solution, closely resembling the final restoration, while allowing ample time for your mouth to heal effectively.

Second Appointment: Final Restoration
After the healing period, you will return for your second appointment, usually around 3-4 months later. At this visit, we will attach the final meticulously crafted bridge to the implanted posts, resulting in a seamless blend with your existing teeth.

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