Teeth whitening

Enhance your smile

Get your bright smile today. Teeth whitening is a simple, fast, and safe cosmetic dental treatment that effectively reduces the original colour of the teeth by several shades, resulting in whiter teeth and a truly attractive, bright smile.

In-house bleaching

Following an initial examination to identify the best teeth-whitening solutions for you, we apply a special gel to your isolated and protected gums. This 20-minute to 1-hour process whitens your teeth from within, and concludes with a soothing rinse. To maintain optimal results, we recommend a whitening home-care regimen including specific products and dietary adjustments.

At-home bleaching

If you decide to go for at-home whitening, we will take impressions of your mouth to create custom-made aligners in which you will apply the whitening gel at home. The beauty of this approach is its longevity – you can reuse the aligners for future applications, ensuring your bright, vibrant smile remains at its best.

 In-clinic and at-home whitening can be combined and, in fact, they work synergistically.

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